Five years from now, Generation Z (13-22 years old) will represent more than half of luxury consumers worldwide. However, Gen Z has their own luxury language and reject brands that don’t understand it.

While last decade’s focus was understanding new channels of communication, this new decade will have to focus on rethinking contents in a way that matches Gen Z’ expectations and vision.

Brands will continue to sell, but not in the same way anymore.

Though Gen Z is a very impulsive generation that consumes luxury unlike other generation, they just don’t consume according to the same rules.

Empowered by this new vision of luxury, Helmut accompanies luxury brands with the transformation of their 360 communication.
From strategic thinking to final asset delivery, our structure combining Agency + Production integrates all fields of expertise.

This innovative model brings strategy, creativity, agility and excellence to the next level; the keys to success for our campaigns’ performance.

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